-The memories of my grandmother and great grandmother 


About the film

The documentary A Jewish Woman's Story is a portrait of my great grandmother (Ida) and grandmother (Inge), telling their stories years apart, about the night they had leave everything. A portrait of mother and daughter. A story about surviving. A story about making the best out of life. A story about generational trauma. 

In October 1943 Ida, Martin and Inge fled to Sweden, because of the persecutions of jews. Right before the flee Ida’s second child was born. She was told no one wanted a baby on the boat, because if she cried, she might reveal them all. The family was forced apart for years and parts of the family was forced to the concentration camp Theresienstadt, where Ida sometimes received letters from. 

In ocotber 1943 7000 thousand Danish Jews, fled to Sweden. Around 500 Danish Jews were forced in the concentraion camp Thereshienstadt. 

In 2018 it was 75 years ago since the Danish Jewish people fled to Sweden.

My grandmother Inge and I and our family, decided in the occasaion of the marking of the rescue, to travel to Sweden, to see if we could find the house that they lived in, in 1943. 

Original Title:

En Jødisk Kvindes Fortælling - Min farmors og oldemors erindringer


English Title:

A Jewish Woman's Story - The memories of my grandmother and great grandmother



Director, Producer, Photographer: Emma Klose Gorodkin

Editor: Rasmus Flensborg

Sounddesign: Emil Salling

Music: Josefine Skov


In Collaboration with The Danish Jewish Museum

A big Thank you to the Danish Jewish Museum and USC Shoah Foundation


Length: 53.26 minuttes


Production: 2017-2019


Language: Danish 

Subtitles: English


Publication: The Danish Jewish Museum 2020



The Danish Jewish Museum 2020 - now

Husets Cinema 2020

The Jewish Cultural Festival in Copenhagen 2021

The Jewish Informationcenter in Copenhagen 2022

Syddansk universitet (SDU) University of Southern Denmark 2023